Dr Hossein G.T. Olya

Senior lecturer in Consumer Behaviour

Room: E027
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3303
Email: h.olya@sheffield.ac.uk
Web: www.olyah.com

Hossein's News

* Meeting with Madam Minister of Tourism and Handicraft of Mali

Tourism climate insurance: implications and prospects

Interview on impact of Sheffield United promotion to Premier league on tourism development

*Modeling behaviours of Asian visitors of heritage sites

Training on ‘capacity building on sustainable destination management’ for delegates from eight African countries

Overlooking weather in mega_events

The training sessions on 'how to build research capacity in business and management', Almaty, Kazakhstan

*Tackling the Complexity of the Pro-environmental Behaviors

* Demands for tourism climate insurance


Dr. Hossein Olya is a Senior Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour at the Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (UK). His research has a dual focus: consumer behaviour and tourism marketing with a focus on complexity theory.

He has been delivering lectures in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules for the past four years in international and multicultural universities. At an institutional level, he has provided academic leadership for several academic colleagues and PhD and master students.

In the last three years, Dr Olya had over 35 academic publications including 4* and 3* journals with high impact factors. He is currently serving as associate editor of the Service Industries Journal and as an editorial board member for other peer-reviewed journals such as International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and Journal of Tourismology, being among the top 1% of reviewers in the fields of business and management as determined by Publons in 2017. He is a regularly invited speaker to many prestigious international conferences in Italy, South Korea, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan and UK.

Teaching Interests

-Consumer behaviour

-Sustainable management

- Tourism marketing

-Integrated marketing communication

Research Interests

Consumer behaviour, sustainable management, tourism climate, GIS

PhD Supervision

Dr Olya is ambitious about cross-disciplinary opportunities and committed to working collaboratively across the school. Integrating his engineering background with social science enables him to model complex social phenomena by offering new insights into our understanding of complex consumer behaviours and sustainable destination management.

PhD students:

- Shoukry SA Rozek: Expected graduation date: 2021
- Romina Cheraghalizadeh: Expected graduation date: 2020
- Pourya Bagheri: Expected graduation date: 2019
- Nahid Malazizi: graduated successfully in 2018
- Esmaeil Khasksar: graduated successfully in 2017
- Javaneh Mehran: graduated successfully in 2016

Recent Publications

Journal Articles Published

- Olya, H & Han. H., (2019). Antecedents of Space Traveler Behavioral Intention. Journal of Travel Research. 1-17. Doi: 10.1177/0047287519841714.

- Gannon, M., Taheri, B. Olya, H., (2019). Festival quality, self-connection, and bragging. Annals of Tourism Research. 76, 239-252. Doi: 10.1016/j.annals.2019.04.014.

- Olya, H., Alipour, H., Peyravi, B., Dalir, S., (2019). Tourism climate insurance: implications and prospects, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 24 (4), 269-280. Doi: 10.1080/10941665.2018.1564338.

Feng, K., Altinay, L. and Olya, H. (2019), Social well-being and transformative service research: evidence from China, Journal of Services Marketing, Doi. 10.1108/JSM-10-2018-0294.

- Olya, H., Bagheri, P., & Tumer, M., (2019). Decoding behavioural responses of green hotel guests: A deeper insight into the application of the theory of planned behaviour. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 1-17. Doi: 10.1108/IJCHM-05-2018-0374

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- Han, H., Al-Ansi, A., Olya, H., & Kim, W., (2019). Exploring halal-friendly destination attributes in South Korea: Perceptions and behaviors of Muslim travelers toward a non-Muslim destination. Tourism Management. 71, 151-164. Doi: 10.1016/j.tourman.2018.10.010.

- Olya, H., & Akhshik, A., (2019). Tackling the Complexity of the Pro-environmental Behaviors of Visitors to Marine Turtle Sites. Journal of Travel Research, 58 (2), 313–332. Doi:10.1177/0047287517751676.

- Olya, H., Lee, C.K., Lee, Y.K., & Reisinger, Y., (2019). What are the triggers of Asian visitor satisfaction and loyalty in the Korean heritage site?, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 47, 195-205. Doi: 10.1016/j.jretconser.2018.11.002.

-  Olya, H., Khaksar, E. S., & Alipour, H., (2019). Pro-tourism and anti-tourism community groups: Recipes for support tourism development and its negation in a world heritage site in Turkey, Current Issues in Tourism. 22 (7), 763-785. Doi: 10.1080/13683500.2017.1329281.

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- Olya, H., Alipour, H., & Gavylian, Y. (2018) Different Voices from Community Groups to Support Sustainable Tourism Development at Iranian World Heritage Sites: Evidence from Bisotun. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 26(10), 1728-1748. Doi:10.1080/09669582.2018.1511718.

- Khan, H., Ali, M., & Olya, H., (2018). How Do Transformational Leadership, CSR, and Organizational Innovation Contribute to Organizational Performance? Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Models. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 25(6), 1270-1283. Doi: 10.1002/csr.1637. In press.

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- Kim, W., Olya, H., Cho, S., & Han, H., (2018). Understanding museum vacationers’ eco-friendly decision-making process: Strengthening the VBN framework. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 26(6), 855-872. Doi:10.1080/09669582.2017.1377210.

- Olya, H., … & Altinay, M., (2018). Behavioral Intentions of Disabled Tourists for the Use of Peer-to-Peer Accommodations: An Application of fsQCA. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 30 (1), 436-454. Doi: 0.1108/IJCHM-08-2016-0471.

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Selected Conference Paper

- Olya, H., Altinay, L., Ringham, K., & Kenebayeva, K., Consumer’s perspective on Sustainable Practices in Kazakhstan Lodging Industry. 15th International Research Conference on The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Almaty, Kazakhstan, Apr. 13-14, 2018.

- Mehran J. and Olya H., Future Trend of Outbound Tourism Expenditure Modelling: A Review of Predictors and Analytical Approaches. 7th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management conference. Famagusta. 10-15 July 2017.

- Olya H., and Alipour H. Second Home Tourism. The 5th Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Symposium. Cyprus. 22 & 23 April 2016.

- Olya, H., Does Weather Risk Mediate the Effect of Disconfirmation on Tourist Behavioral Intentions? 2017 Academy of Global Hospitality & Tourism Conference. Cheongju, S. Korea. May 26-28, 2017.

- Olya H., How to Operationalize Tourism Climate Insurance? 2nd International Tourism and Travel Studies Conference. Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Centre. Istanbul, 20th Jun. 2015.

- Olya, H. GT., Valipour E., and Bazari H., Application of Indigenous knowledge in Sustainable Urban Design in Dry Climate, International Journal of Art and Science, New Britain, USA, 27th Nov. 2012.

- Dehghani M., Olya, H. GT., Pahlavanravi A., Nasrabadi A., Hadarbadi Gh., Prioritizing of watershed Management Operations In Catchments Using Fuzzy Logic and GIS; 5th International Conference on Land Degradation; Valenzano, Bari, Italy, 20th April, 2008.


• Lee, S.K., Kiatkawsin, P., Olya H., Woods, D. (2018). Development of marketing plan for sustainable management of world cultural heritage sites, Seoul: ASEAN-Korea Centre. ISBN: 979-11-88409-14-3 03320.

• Olya H., (2018). Mass Faith Tourism and Life Satisfaction of Residents: Evidence from Mashhad. In Seyfi S., & Hall M., Tourism in Iran Challenges, Development and Issues. ‎Abingdon: Routledge.

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• Olya H. GT., Naseri, H., (2014). Atlas of Desert Tourism, Tehran: Asre Novin (In Persian). ISBN: 978-600-7315-11-8.

• Olya H. GT., Jadehgi, M., (2014). Horticulture and Garden Tourism, Tehran: Asre Novin (In Persian). ISBN: 978-600-7315-02-6‬.

Scholastic activities and knowledge exchange

- External Examiner of PhD Dissertation on complexity of tourist’ decision making process to select a destination, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, Scotland. June 20, 2018.

- Workshop, ‘Advanced analytical approaches: beyond symmetrical methods’. 6th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference. Anatolia. Cappadocia, Turkey. Oct 2-6, 2018.

- Member of Scientific Committee and Chair of Hospitality and Tourism Session in the 4th International AR and VR Conference in Tourism and Hospitality. Organized by the Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester, UK. 21-22 Jun, 2018.

- Reviewer for the 2018 EDAMBA (European Doctoral Programs Association in Management & Business Administration). Brussels, Belgium. March, 2018.

- Member of Scientific Committee, the International Conference Tourism Hospitality and Events in a Changing World. co-organized by the Universities of Derby and Sunderland, and the Centre for Research in Tourism Excellence (CERTE). Buxton, UK. 26-28 Jun, 2018.

- Workshop on ‘SEM 101: An Applied Approach With SmartPLS’. Global Conference on Services Management. SIAF, Vinterra, Italy. October 3-7, 2017.

- Workshop on ‘Halal Products Marketing’. International Halal Tourism Conference, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia with Sejong University. Seoul, S. Korea. August 17-18, 2017.

- Webinar on ‘Innovative analytical approaches in Tourism Marketing’, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee and Association of North America Higher Education International. July 28, 2017.

- Workshop on ‘Research Methods in Management- Traditional Approaches, fsQCA & NCA’, Business school. Sejong University. March 11, 2017.

- Keynote speaker, ‘Multi-cultural society, the opportunity and the future of Korean Society’. Kosin University, Busan, South Korea. Nov 11, 2016.

- Keynote speaker, ‘Sustainable Tourism Development in Iran’. 18th General Assembly of the World Crafts Council. Isfehan, Iran. Sep 27, 2016.

- External Examiner of PhD qualification Examination: DBA Program, Cyprus International University, Nov. 2015

- External Examiner of PhD Dissertation on Digital Marketing in Jordan, Girne American University, Feb. 2016.

- External Examiner of PhD qualification Examination: DBA Program, Cyprus International University, Jun. 2016.

- External Examiner of PhD Dissertation on Network Marketing in Nigeria, Girne American University, Jun. 2016.

Academic management and leadership administration

- Chair of Colloquium on quality research publication, 15th International Research Conference on The Silk Road and the Tourism and Hospitality Industries, Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 13-14, 2018.

- Chairman of Sejong Halal Authority. Seoul, S. Korea. from January 2017 to present.

- Chair of Panel Session on ‘Effective Research Know-how’. The 2017 Academy of Global Hospitality & Tourism Conference. Cheongju, S. Korea. May 26-28, 2017.

- Member of Graduate Program's Admissions Committee, Hospitality & Tourism College, Sejong University. Nov. 2016- 2017.

- Coordinator of Postgraduate Programs, British University of Nicosia, Kyrinia, Cyprus. Sep. 2015- Aug. 2016.

- Member of British University of Nicosia Accreditation Committee, Kyrinia, Cyprus. Sep. 2015- Sep. 2016.

- Coordinator of Online Education Program. Eastern Mediterranean University, 2012-2015.

- Member of EMU Accreditation Committee, Famgusta, Cyprus. 2014-2015.

- Administrator of Moodle of Tourism Faculty. Eastern Mediterranean University, 2012-2015.

• Honors & Awards

- Selected as a top two reviewers for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management in 2017.

- One of top one percent of peer reviewers in Business, Management, and Accounting. Publons Peer Review Awards 2017.

- Distinguished paper (Does Weather Risk Mediate the Effect of Disconfirmation on Tourist Behavioral Intentions?) in the 2017 Academy of Global Hospitality & Tourism Conference. Cheongju, S. Korea. May 26-28, 2017.

- Rank 1 among Outstanding Graduates of Eastern Mediterranean University. Famagusta, Cyprus. 2015.