Credit Modules - ERASMUS & Study Abroad Students

ELTC Credit Modules

The ELTC offers English Language credit-bearing modules to ERASMUS and Study Abroad students in both semesters one and two. The modules are split into 4 areas of English language study:

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

These 20-credit general English modules focus on the 4 skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar while covering topics on aspects of British society. The module is available at 3 levels (Upper-intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency), so that you are taught and assessed at the right language level. The course combines both skills and language seminars and you are required to attend 2 classes of 2 hours per week (total 4 hours a week). The 2-hour skills seminars aim to improve the 4 skills through reading texts, watching videos, completing tasks, group discussions/debates and giving presentations. The weekly 2-hour language seminars cover areas of grammar, lexis and phonology rising from the the topics and texts in the skills sessions and includes time to investigate areas of linguistic interest/difficulty suggested by the participants. Class sizes are a maximum of 20 and will allow space to practise language in a relaxed, yet purposeful setting. See below for more information on the EFL modules and language entry levels.

English Language and Culture (ELC)

These 10-credit language modules focus on a specific area of English-speaking culture and the literary genres associated with it. Language skills and accuracy is facilitated through the close study of a range of texts (mainly British) in the areas of Literature, News Media, Technology, Film and University Culture. The 2-hour classes encourage discussion and reflection of the cultural and linguistic issues raised in the texts. See below for more information on the individual modules.

Please note - these are primarily English language modules, not subject modules.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

These 10-credit modules focus on the use of the English language in academic and professional situations. Both the areas of 'Reading and Writing' and 'Speaking and Listening' are covered in two individual modules, so that the specific text types and associated language can be studied in sufficient depth. The modules will not only complement your current university study in the UK, but will also prove your capability in transferable professional skills. See below for more information on the EAP modules.

English Language Teaching (ELT)

This 10-credit module focuses on the practical skills needed in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Lesson planning, materials development, classroom management and teaching techniques are all covered. This module would suit those students with an interest in or experience of teaching. A high level of English is needed to take the module (IELTS 7.5+) and the assessment is based on the delivery of 2 x 20 min lessons and a portfolio of the associated documentation.

This module helped me so much writing essays in other courses. It was really useful!

Former Student - ELT5401/2 EAP Reading & Writing

More Information

You can find more information about the ELTC modules in the following ways -

1. Click on the module titles below.

2. At the placement test in Intro Week on Tuesday 18 September, you can talk to an ELTC member of staff.

3. Come into the ELTC and speak to the Course Director, Maria Puro. Please email beforehand to make an appointment -

4. E-mail the ELTC Credit- Bearing Team at

Placement Test Information

If you have a 'conditional' offer for our modules, you will need to take a placement test. 

When? Tuesday 18 September 2018. Sessions at 10.00am and 1.00pm. Please choose ONE session.

Where? The Arts Tower, Lecture Theatre 07

What happens? The placement test consists of a short writing and a discussion with a tutor. It will take around 45 minutes. 

When do I get my results? At the registration event on Wednesday 19 September. We will have your results and you can sign up for your modules. 

Semester 1 Timetable 2018/19

The timetable will be available soon. Please check back closer to the start of Term 1

The course helped me to be more confident with my English and to speak more fluently.

Former Student - ELT5321 FILM

Credit Module Students

The module helped me understand university culture and analyse different types of text in a critical way.

Former Student - ELT5312 University Culture

Module Details

Please click the module titles below to find further information about the content and assessment methods of each module. The entry levels for each module are also stated and should be used as a guide to which are most suitable for you.

Semester 1 - September to February

English as a Foreign Language (20 Credit Modules):

English Language and Culture (10 Credit Modules):

English for Academic Purposes (10 Credit Modules):

English Language Teaching (10 Credit Modules):