PhD Research Student Profiles

The table below lists our students currently studying towards a research degree. You can go on to their profiles to find out more information about their work.

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Student PhD Title Primary Supervisor Secondary Supervisor Started


Aliyeva, Adila

Social Capital in the South Caucasus: A comparative analysis of Azerbaijani and Georgian societies Prof Maria Grasso Prof Andrew Taylor 10/2013

Amidi, Sabina

Women and Social Change in Egypt and Tunisia Prof Maria Grasso Prof John Hobson 10/2013

Argyroulis, Dimitrios

ECOFIN and the Post-crisis Institutionalisation of European Economic Governance: A Sociological Institutionalist Approach Prof Simon Bulmer Dr Owen Parker 10/2015

Arnott, Andrew

Variations in European Union anti-establishment parties Dr Nasos Roussias Prof Maria Grasso 10/2016
Asiamah, George
Prof James Wilsdon Em Prof Peter Horton FRS 10/2018


Barker, Jennifer Dr Matthew Wood 10/2018
Bastaki, Ahmed Dr Anastasia Shesterinina Prof Maria Grasso 10/2018

Bayramova, Gunay

The Role of Energy in Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy Dr Hayley Stevenson 10/2011

Bruckmayer, Michaela

A Vulnerable Threat? The Impacts of Policy Framing on Child Migration Policy Outcomes Prof Andrew Geddes Dr Matthew Bishop 10/2014


Chamberlain, James

Prof Graham Harrison Liam Stanley 10/2014
Coiley, George 10/2017

Cordasco, Carlo

Rethinking Spontaneous Order: Norms, Institutions and Legitimacy Dr Matt Sleat Dr Alasdair Cochrane 10/2012


Dafnos, Andreas

Far-right groups in the UK: Investigating cumulative extremism Prof Maria Grasso Dr Nasos Roussias 10/2015
Delfin, Pilana 02/2017

Dickinson, Hannah

Working in the BIOSEC Project Prof Rosaleen Duffy Prof Dan Brockington 10/2016
Duncan, Lynzi 01/2016


Ferhani, Adam 10/2017
Fey, Jana Maria 10/2017

Foley, Laura

The governance of labour migration in Southeast Asia Prof Andrew Geddes Prof Genevieve LeBaron 10/2016


Godziewski, Charlotte

Possibilities and limitations of deliberation in health governance: The case of EU governance of health promotion Dr Owen Parker Dr Simon Rushton 10/2016


Hanif, Hasrul 05/2018
Hansen, Rasmus 10/2015
Hill, Mary Anne 10/2015

Ho, Ka Chun Prof Ian Bache 10/2018
Hughes, Robin 10/2016


Jackson, James

Driving towards climate change - the barriers to decarbonising the automobile sector Professor Charlotte Burns Professor Ian Bache 10/2018

Joanny, Laure

Green surveillance technologies Prof Rosaleen Duffy Prof Dan Brockington 10/2017
Jung, Minju 10/2018


Kaleem, Amna 10/2018
Kaczmarczyk, Patrick 10/2018


Lappe-Osthege, Teresa

Beyond Sustainable Development – The Role of the Environment in EU Peacebuilding in Kosovo Dr Hayley Stevenson Prof Jonathan Joseph 10/2014
Leary, Andrew 10/2017

Leman, Jason

Local parties and participatory governance in English Local Councils Dr Felicity Matthews Dr Kate Dommett 10/2014

Lixi, Luca

The European External Migration Governance: understanding the pathways to progress and the obstacles along the way.

Prof Andrew Geddes Dr Owen Parker 04/2015


Mangule, Indra 10/2015

Meakin, Alexandra

The politics of the Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster

Professor Matthew Flinders  Dr Felicity Matthews 10/2016

Mensah, Gloria

Agenda-setting and Carbon Dioxide Utilization Technologies (CDU) in the UK Dr. Kate Dommett Dr. Chris Jones and Prof. Peter Styring 10/2016

Morecroft, Sam

Towards Radical Political Unionism: What Does The Emergence of Independent Workers Organisations Mean for the Future of COSATU and for Labour Relations in South Africa? Prof Graham Harrison Prof Jonathan Joseph 10/2012

Mulambia, Chishimba

Decentralisation and Health Service Governance in Zambia Dr. Simon Rushton Dr. Muhammad Sadiq 10/2016


Nie, Cong 10/2018
Norton, Rod 10/2018


Pettrachin, Andrea

Understanding the Refugee Crisis: An Actor-Centred Analysis of the Constitution of Asylum
Governance in Italy
Professor Andrew Geddes Dr Owen Parker 11/2016
Pemberton, Edward 10/2018
Pietila, Kaisa 10/2016


Smith, Katherine

A crisis in democratic participation? The impact of inequality on the political (dis)engagement of young people Prof Maria Grasso Dr Liam Stanley 2017

Southern, Polly

Dr Garrett W. Brown Dr Alisdair Cochrane 10/2014


Valenca, Henrique 10/2018


Wang, Zidi 10/2018
Woolf, Alex 10/2018


Zhang, Shizhi 10/2015

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