Dr Sebastian Ordyniak

Lecturer in Algorithms
Programme Lead (Computer Science)

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 1907

Member of the Algorithms research group

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Sebastian Ordyniak



Dr Sebastian Ordyniak is a Lecturer in the Algorithms group at the University of Sheffield in the Department of Computer Science. Before coming to Sheffield, he obtained his Diplom and Ph.D. from the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Oxford respectively. He has held postdoc positions at the TU Wien in the group of Prof. Stefan Szeider, and at the Masaryk University Brno in the group of Prof. Petr Hliněný.



Dr Ordyniak's research focus lies in the development and analysis of efficient algorithms for hard computational problems that arise in practical applications, as well as the establishment of theoretical limits of algorithmic approaches. Namely, he considers problems arising in the areas of Combinatorial Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence, and Logic. His main interest lies in the development of so-called parameterised algorithms, i.e., exact algorithms that are
tailor-suited not only to a specific problem but to a particular class of problem instances, which are often characterised by exhibiting a certain kind of structure. The main advantage of these algorithms is that they are usually more efficient than general purpose algorithms on real-world instances.


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