Research Degree Scholarships 2018

Research ScholarshipPlease note that the deadline for scholarships has now passed Information will be available in autumn 2018 about scholarships for PhD studies commencing in October 2019.

A number of scholarships for PhD students commencing their studies in autumn 2018 were available, and anyone planning to do postgraduate research in Law or Criminology was invited to apply.
Various types of scholarships are generally available and you need to decide the most appropriate one(s) for your chosen area of research. The main ones are outlined below.

It is possible to apply for more than one type of scholarship, so please apply for all that relevant for your area of research in order to give you the best chance of being successful.

You must apply for a place of study at the University of Sheffield before applying for a scholarship. Please select Oct 2018 as your start date on the application form.

Arts and Humanities

Humanities based research projects in areas such as the content, procedures, theory, philosophy and history of the law, including studies of legal systems and legislation in all periods of history and in all parts of the world. (White Rose College of Arts and Humanities)

Economic and Social Sciences

Social science based research projects which are concerned with the social, political and economic influences and impact of the law and the legal system, including criminology. (White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership)

University of Sheffield

University scholarships are available for research in any field of law, socio-legal studies or criminology.

Scholarships for 2018 are now closed. 

Scholarships for 2018 are now closed.

Scholarships for 2018 are now closed.

Arts and Humanities Scholarships Economic and Social Science Scholarships University of Sheffield Scholarships

The School of Law may also offer some scholarships. Anyone who applies for one of the opportunities outlined above will be considered for a School of Law funding, if it is available.

Please note that before applying for a scholarship you must first apply for a place of study at the University of Sheffield

For general information on scholarships and funding, please visit postgraduate research scholarships.