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International and European Law Projects

Sheffield Centre for for International and European Law (SCIEL) encourages collaborative research projects within its membership, and also inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional projects with other disciplines and other universities and organisations. At SCIEL we welcome proposals for joint research projects from other universities.

Europe on a globeBrexit: reciprocal healthcare inquiry

Professor Tamara Hervey is providing advice to a House of Lords Sub-Committee who are conducting an Inquiry on Brexit: reciprocal healthcare. She has been appointed as Specialist Adviser to the Inquiry, which will run throughout the autumn. Specialist advisers work with the Committee Chair and its secretariat on an ad hoc basis to provide authoritative advice in relation to an Inquiry.

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EU FlagsThe impact of Brexit on the protection of democracy in Europe

Dr Pablo Castillo-Ortiz is collaborating with Elcano Royal Institute through a Strategic Secondment. He will study the impact of Brexit on the protection of democracy in Europe. Elcano Royal Institute is the most important Spanish Think Tank for international affairs, and a leading institution in Europe. The work carried out by Dr. Castillo seeks to assess which are these potential negative impacts, and specially looks for solutions, through UK-EU cooperation, that allow both parties to continue to protect democracy in the continent after Brexit.

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People moving acrros the worldInternally Displaced Persons in Europe

Dr Bríd Ní Ghráinne has been appointed as an Expert Member of the Council of Europe HELP Working Group on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Dr Ní Ghráinne is developing an online training course for the implementation of the international rights of IDPs at national level, together with the Council of Europe and the Working Group’s three other Expert Members – Dr Costas Paraskeva, Professor Elizabeth Ferris, and Kim Mancini-Beck.

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Cyber security projectCybersecurity regulation and governance

Professor Nicholas Tsagourias work focuses on cyberspace and international law with a specific focus on cybersecurity, and the regulation of cyber attacks under the law regulating the use of force and under the law of armed conflict.

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Cyber crimeCyber Terrorism and International Law

Dr Russell Buchan, in collaboration with Professor David Fidler from Indiana University (USA) and Dr Emily Crawford from the University of Sydney (Australia), have recently had approved by the Executive Council of the International Law Association (ILA) a proposal to establish a study group to examine the effectiveness of international law in preventing and suppressing cyber terrorism. The study group will run for 3 years and will hold various conferences and workshops with the aim of producing a final report on international law and cyber terrorism to be submitted to the ILA. Dr Buchan is Co-Rapporteur and Professor Tsagourias is a member.

Court roomMarginalisation and the Law: Medieval and Modern

Dr Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg is currently working on this interdisciplinary collaboration bringing together researchers from Leeds, Sheffield and York universities. This project investigates the legal processes that pursue or bring about the marginalisation of people based on their religion, health, wealth, gender, and sexual orientation, in order to better understand both past and present responses to inequality and social exclusion. It brings together four historians with expertise on medieval law and two scholars of contemporary socio-legal theory in order to examine the key elements that have underpinned the processes of marginalisation in the medieval and modern periods.

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Project Archive

Doing Law Beyond the State

EU lawDoing Law Beyond the State: Research Methodologies in Comparative, EU and Public and Private International Law

What is it we "do" as lawyers, when we are looking at law ‘beyond the state’? Interest in the theoretical foundations of, and disciplinary methods within EU, comparative and international legal scholarship (both public and private) is on the rise. Practitioners and academics alike are pausing to think more about what it is that they take for granted, and what they might be able to do with law if they challenged what was taken as given within their respective (sub-)disciplines.

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privwarPRIVWAR (FP7)

Launched in January 2008, the project was concluded in August 2011. The project assessed the impact of the increasing use of private military companies and security companies on situations of armed conflict. It examined the regulatory framework at national, European and international levels, with a view to ensuring improved complience with international humanitarian law and human rights. The project was a collaborative research project carried out by a consortium of seven European partners.

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Autonomy of International Organisations

Global supply chainAutonomy of International Organisations

Completed in April 2011 this research project aimed to engage with the idea of international organisations as autonomous entities, both in terms of control and influence over their membership and as independent actors in the international legal system.

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Global Justice and Sustainable Development

International LawGlobal Justice and Sustainable Development Conference

This two-day conference considered the role of international law in the achievement of global justice. Hosted by SCIEL it was held on 26 - 27th August 2009 here in association with International Law Association (ILA) The conference was also partially funded by the Modern Law Review.

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Legal Research Methodologies

International data

Legal Research Methodologies in European Union and International Law

This was an AHRC funded collaborative doctoral training project aimed at enhancing the methodological understandings and capabilities of PhD students and enabling students to present their work and develop this networks with a wide range of scholars. This project led to a publication that is now available.

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