Dr Shengqiang ChenDr Shengqiang Chen


Dr Shengqiang Chen is an academic visitor (2016.12-2017.12) at the School of Law, University of Sheffield. He holds a PhD in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law from Wuhan University, China. He is an expert in constitutional law, especially in comparative constitutional law, history of Chinese constitution, modernization theories of politics, legal and culture. He has practised law for more than 15 years in China before coming to the UK. He is now an associate professor at the School of Law, University of Henan, China. Dr Shengqiang Chen is also a member of the Council of Chinese Constitutional Law Society, a Legal Think-tank expert of the government of Henan province, China.

Dr Shengqiang Chen has published 3 books in Chinese, namely, On Disputes of Modern China’s Regime:1898-1949 (Law Press,2014), Innovation of the Central Government in Modern China (Wuhan University Press, 2013), Public Interest Philosophy through Litigation (ed. Wuhan University, 2010). He also writes several articles on comparative constitutional law and history of Chinese constitution.
During his stay in the University of Sheffield, Dr Shengqiang Chen will focus on the following research project: ‘The Judicial Organ of the State and Legal Order of Changing Societies: The Comparison of England and China’. He aims to investigate the functions of the judicial organ of England during the period 1640-1688 and that of China during the period 1912-1928, to make comparisons and reveals the underlying reasons. At the end of his research, he would like to give a presentation on his findings.

Research Interests

• Comparative law, especially comparative public law
• Constitutional law
• Legal history
• Socio-legal studies
• Judicial system studies