EMO 2013 Programme

The programme for the conference is shown below.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

1630 Registration desk opens
1730 Opening session


Session chair: Carlos Fonseca

Many-Objective Visual Analytics: Rethinking the Design of Complex Engineered Systems
Patrick M. Reed

1900 Welcome reception

Wednesday, 20 March 2013



Session chair: Robin Purshouse

Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization and Uncertainty
Jürgen Branke

0945 Coffee

New horizons

Session chair: Carlos Coello Coello

'Hang On a Minute': Investigations on the Eff ects of Delayed Objective Functions in Multiobjective Optimization
Richard Allmendinger and Joshua Knowles

Optimization of Adaptation - a Multi-Objective Approach for Optimizing Changes to Design Parameters
Shaul Salomon, Gideon Avigad, Peter J. Fleming, and Robin C. Purshouse

Multi-Objective AI Planning: Evaluating DAEYAHSP on a Tunable Benchmark
M. R. Khouadjia, M. Schoenauer, V. Vidal, J. Dréo, and P. Savéant

Multi-Objective Topic Modeling
Osama Khalifa, David W. Corne, Mike Chantler, and Fraser Halley

1120 Coffee

Indicator-based methods

Session chair: Qingfu Zhang

Indicator Based Search in Variable Orderings: Theory and Algorithms
Pradyumn K. Shukla and Marlon A. Braun

Preference Articulation by Means of the R2 Indicator
Tobias Wagner, Heike Trautmann, and Dimo Brockho ff

Do Hypervolume Regressions hinder EMOA Performance? Surprise and Relief
Leonard Judt, Olaf Mersmann, and Boris Naujoks

Cone-based Hypervolume Indicators: Construction, Properties, and Efficient Computation
Michael Emmerich, André Deutz, Johannes Kruisselbrink, and Pradyumn Shukla

1300 Lunch

Poster session: Aspects of algorithm design

Session chair: Peter Fleming

Many-Objective Optimization Using Taxi-Cab Surface Evolutionary Algorithm
Hans J. F. Moen, Nikolai B. Hansen, Harald Hovland, and Jim Tørrensen

IPESA-II: Improved Pareto Envelope-Based Selection Algorithm II
Miqing Li, Shengxiang Yang, Xiaohui Liu, and Kang Wang

Theory and Algorithms for Finding Knees
Pradyumn K. Shukla, Marlon A. Braun, and Hartmut Schmeck

Knowledge Transfer Strategies for Vector Evaluated Particle Swarm Optimization
Kyle R. Harrison, Beatrice Ombuki-Berman, and Andries P. Engelbrecht

Hypervolume-Based Multi-Objective Path Relinking Algorithm
Rong-Qiang Zeng, Matthieu Basseur, and Jin-Kao Hao

Multiobjective Path Relinking for Biclustering: Application to Microarray Data
Khedidja Seridi, Laetitia Jourdan, and El-Ghazali Talbi

Selection Operators based on Maximin Fitness Function for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Adriana Menchaca-Mendez and Carlos A. Coello Coello

Difficulty in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization of Discrete Objective Functions with Di fferent Granularities
Hisao Ishibuchi, Masakazu Yamane and Yusuke Nojima

Solution of Multi-objective min-max and max-min Games by Evolution
Gideon Avigad, Erella Eisenstadt, and Valery Y. Glizer

A Comparative Study on Evolutionary Algorithms for Many-Objective Optimization
Miqing Li, Shengxiang Yang, Xiaohui Liu, and Ruimin Shen

1550 Coffee

Pareto-based methods

Session chair: António Gaspar-Cunha

E ffect of Dominance Balance in Many-objective Optimization
Kaname Narukawa

An Alternative Preference Relation to Deal with Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Antonio López, Carlos A. Coello Coello, Akira Oyama, and Kozo Fujii

An Improved Adaptive Approach for Elitist Nondominated Sorting Genetic algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization
Himanshu Jain and Kalyanmoy Deb

Adaptive ε-Sampling and ε-Hood for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization
Hernán Aguirre, Akira Oyama, and Kiyoshi Tanaka

1700 Close
1900 Brewery tour

Thursday, 21 March 2013



Session chair: Salvatore Greco

Integrating Problem Analysis and Algorithmic Development in MCDA
Theodor J. Stewart

0945 Coffee

Hybrid MCDA

Session chair: Evan Hughes

"Whatever works best for you" - A New Method for A Priori and Progressive Multi-Objective Optimisation
Rui Wang, Robin C. Purshouse, and Peter J. Fleming

Hypervolume-based Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning
Kristof Van Moff aert, Madalina M. Drugan, and Ann Nowé

A Theoretical Analysis of Curvature Based Preference Models
Pradyumn K. Shukla, Michael Emmerich, and André Deutz

1100 Coffee

Decomposition-based methods

Session chair: Michael Emmerich

Force-based Cooperative Search Directions in Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
Bilel Derbel, Dimo Brockhoff , and Arnaud Liefooghe

Approximation Model Guided Selection for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Aimin Zhou, Qingfu Zhang, and Guixu Zhang

A Decomposition Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Many Objective Optimization with Systematic Sampling and Adaptive Epsilon Control
Md Asafuddoula, Tapabrata Ray, and Ruhul Sarker

Generalized Decomposition
Ioannis Giagkiozis, Robin C. Purshouse, and Peter J. Fleming

Evenly Spaced Pareto Front Approximations for Tricriteria Problems Based on Triangulation
Günter Rudolph, Heike Trautmann, Soumyadip Sengupta, and Oliver Schütze

Relation between Neighborhood Size and MOEA/D Performance on Many-Objective Problems
Hisao Ishibuchi, Naoya Akedo, and Yusuke Nojima

1320 Lunch

Classical MCDA

Session chair: Ricardo Takahashi

Multiple Criteria Hierarchy Process for the Choquet Integral
Silvia Angilella, Salvatore Corrente, Salvatore Greco, and Roman Słowiński

Selection of Inspection Intervals Based on Multi-Attribute Utility Theory
Rodrigo J. P. Ferreira, Adiel Almeida, and Cristiano A. V. Cavalcante

Minimizing the Compensatory Eff ect of MCDM Group Decision Additive Aggregation Using the Veto Concept
Suzana de França Dantas Daher and Adiel T. de Almeida

1530 Coffee

Exploratory problem analysis

Session chair: Hisao Ishibuchi

A Dimensionally-Aware Genetic Programming Architecture for Automated Innovization
Sunith Bandaru and Kalyanmoy Deb

A New Multiobjective Genetic Programming for Extraction of Design Information from Non-Dominated Solutions
Tomoaki Tatsukawa, Taku Nonomura, Akira Oyama, and Kozo Fujii

Evidence Accumulation in Multiobjective Data Clustering
Julia Handl and Joshua Knowles

Visualising High-Dimensional Pareto Relationships in Two-Dimensional Scatterplots
Jonathan Fieldsend and Richard Everson

1710 Close
1900 Banquet at Chatsworth House

Friday, 22 March 2013



Session chair: Jane Shaw

Innovization: Discovery of Innovative Solution Principles Using Multi-Objective Optimization
Kalyanmoy Deb

0945 Coffee

Product and process applications

Session chair: Dave Dungate

A Comparative Study of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Trace Transform Methods for Robust Feature Extraction
Wissam A. Albukhanajer, Yaochu Jin, Johann A. Bri ffa, and Godfried Williams

Performance of Specifi c vs. Generic Feature Sets in Polyphonic Music Instrument Recognition
Igor Vatolkin, Anil Nagathil, Wolfgang Theimer, and Rainer Martin

Multi-objectivization of the Tool Selection Problem on a Budget of Evaluations
Alexander W. Churchill, Phil Husbands, and Andrew Philippides

Applying Bi-level Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimizing Composites Manufacturing Processes
Abhishek Gupta, Piaras Kelly, Matthias Ehrgott, and Simon Bickerton

1120 Coffee

Aerospace and automotive applications

Session chair: Yaochu Jin

Multi-criteria Optimization for Parameter Estimation of Physical Models in Combustion Engine Calibration
Susanne Zaglauer and Michael Deflorian

A Real-World Application of a Many-Objective Optimisation Complexity Reduction Process
Robert J. Lygoe, Mark Cary, and Peter J. Fleming

Application of the MOAA to Satellite Constellation Refueling Optimization
Valerio Lattarulo, Jin Zhang, and Geo ffrey T. Parks

Parametric Design Optimisation for Planetary Landing Systems
David Riley, Dave Northey, Rodrigo Haya Ramos, Mariano Sánchez Nogales, Davide Bonetti, and Dave Dungate

1300 Lunch

Poster session: Further real-world applications

Session chair: Robert Lygoe

Single and Multi-Objective in Silico Evolution of Tunable Genetic Oscillators
Spencer A. Thomas and Yaochu Jin

An Application of a Multicriteria Approach to Compare Economic Sectors: The Case of Sinaloa, Mexico
Juan C. L. López, Diego A. G. Chavira, Margarita U. Ruiz

Multi-Objective Optimisation for Social Cost Benefi t Analysis: An Allegory
Robin Purshouse and John McAlister

Knowledge Extraction for Structural Design of Regional Jet Horizontal Tail using Multi-Objective Design Exploration (MODE)
Hiroyuki Morino and Shigeru Obayashi

Biobjective Optimisation of Preliminary Aircraft Trajectories
Christos Tsotskas, Timoleon Kipouros, and Mark Savill

A Case Study on Multi-Criteria Optimization of an Event Detection Software under Limited Budgets
Martin Zae fferer, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Boris Naujoks, Tobias Wagner, and Michael Emmerich

Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Node-Depth Encoding and Strength Pareto for Service Restoration in Large-scale Distribution Systems
Marcilyanne M. Gois, Danilo S. Sanches, Jean Martins, João B. A. L. Junior, and Alexandre C. B. Delbem

A DSS Based on Multiple Criteria Decision Making for Maintenance Planning in an Electrical Power Distributor
Adiel Almeida-Filho, Rodrigo Ferreira, and Adiel Almeida

1540 Coffee

Under-explored challenges

Session chair: Gideon Avigad

Multi-Objective Optimization Under Uncertain Objectives. Application to Engineering Design Problem
Céline Villa, Eric Lozinguez, and Raphaël Labayrade

Decision-Maker Preference Modeling in Interactive Multiobjective Optimization
Luciana R. Pedro and Ricardo H. C. Takahashi

Automatically Improving the Anytime Behaviour of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms
Andreea Radulescu, Manuel López-Ibáñez, and Thomas Stützle

1700 Closing session
1730 Close