Academic staff

On this page you will find contact details for each member of academic staff. Each person's name links through to their staff profile, research interests and research group web pages.

All telephone numbers should be prefixed with 0114 22 if calling from inside the UK. All telephone number should be prefixed with +44 114 22, if dialling from outside the UK. All email addresses should be suffixed with '' All room numbers are in the Dainton Building, unless stated otherwise.

Name Phone Email
Dr Thomas Anderson University Teacher and Senior Tutor 29489
Prof. Steven Armes, FRS Professor of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry 29342
Prof. Lee Brammer Professor of Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry 29536
Dr Jennifer A. Burnham Senior University Teacher 29488
Dr Adrien Chauvet Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 29414
Prof. Beining Chen Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 29467
Dr Barbara Ciani Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry 29438
Prof. Iain Coldham Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry 29428
Dr Marco Conte Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 29506
Dr Timothy D. Craggs Lecturer in Biological Chemistry 29347
Dr Colin J. Crook University Teacher 29407
Dr Robert Dawson Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry 29357
Dr Jonathan A. Foster Ramsay and Vice-Chancellor's Fellow 29427
Prof. Patrick Fowler, FRS Professor of Theoretical Chemistry 29538
Prof. Jane A. Grasby Professor of Biological Chemistry 29478
Prof. Joseph P. A. Harrity Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry 29496
Dr Anthony Haynes Reader in Inorganic Chemistry  29326
Dr J. Grant Hill Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 29392
Dr Michael Hippler Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 29505
Dr Julie Hyde Senior University Teacher and Schools Liaison Coordinator 29384
Dr Ahmed Iraqi Reader in Polymer Chemistry 29566
Prof. Richard F. W. Jackson Professor of Organic Chemistry 29464
Prof. Simon Jones Professor of Chemistry 29483
Prof. Graham Leggett Professor of Nanoscale Analytical Chemistry and Head of Department 29556/29484 (HoD)
Dr Natalia Martsinovich Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 29562
Prof. Anthony J. H. M. Meijer Professor of Theoretical Chemistry 29482
Dr Michael J Morris Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry 29363
Dr Oleksandr O. Mykhaylyk Senior Research Fellow in Crystallisation 29418
Dr Benjamin M. Partridge Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 29303
Dr Peter Portius Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry 29385
Dr Jim Reid Lecturer in Biological Chemistry 29558
Prof. Anthony J Ryan, OBE Professor of Physical Chemistry 29382
Prof. Andrew Slark Professorial Fellow 29540
Dr Sebastian Spain Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry 29362
Dr Sarah Staniland Reader in Bionanoscience 29539
Prof. Jim A. Thomas Professor of Coordination Chemistry 29325
Dr Lance Twyman Senior Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry 29560
Prof. Julia A. Weinstein Professor of Physical Chemistry 29408
Dr David M. Williams Reader in Chemical Biology 29502
Prof. Nick H. Williams Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry and Director of Learning and Teaching 29469/29336
Prof. Mark J. Winter Professor of Chemistry 29304
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