Dr Songdong Shao

Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5783
Fax: +44 (0) 114 222 5700

Email: s.shao@sheffield.ac.uk
Room: C109e




My research uses numerical modelling to predict natural hazards in river and coastal
environments. This helps to improve the design of defences.

dr songdong shao


Songdong Shao studied his BSc, MSc and PhD in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering at Tsinghua University. He has worked at the University of Bradford, University of Hong Kong, University of Plymouth, Kyoto University and Nanyang Technological University, before joining the Department in 2013.

Songdong’s research concentrates on the influence of global warming on coastal disasters. He develops numerical models to solve hydrodynamic equations to predict natural hazards, such as flooding in river and coastal environments. His work is then applied to the practical design of coastal defences. He focuses on river hydraulics and coastal hydrodynamics, including fluid-structure interaction, porous flow, multi-phase flow and sediment transport. Songdong is well-known for his work in the area of smoothed particle hydrodynamics. This is a relatively recent numerical method that works by examining the aggregated effect of bouncing spheres of fluid off one another, and off solid boundaries. Because of the flexible way it handles interfaces, such as the one between water and air, it is of particular interest to civil engineers who work on river flooding problems, or coastal flood and erosion problems where modelling breaking waves is an important part of the dynamics.

Activities and Distinctions

  • [1] Guest Professor, Harbin Engineering University, China
  • [2] Guest Editor, Special Issue on SPH in Coastal, Ocean and Hydraulic Engineering, International Journal of Ocean and Coastal Engineering, World Scientific
  • [3] Guest Editor, Special Issue on Advances in Modelling and Prediction on the Impact of Human Activities and Extreme Events in River and Coastal Environments, Water, MDPI

Selected Publications

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