Dr Joe Cook

PDRA Black and Bloom
2016 Rolex Young Laureate

Cook Profile

Room number: C3
Email: joe.cook@shef.ac.uk
Twitter: @tothepoles
Blog: tothepoles.wordpress.com


Joe is a postdoctoral researcher on the NERC Large Grant ‘Black and Bloom’. His expertise is in glaciology. He first joined the department as an undergraduate in 2005, then stayed to do a PhD in carbon cycling on glaciers between 2008 and 2012. After a two-year lectureship at the University of Derby, he returned to the University of Sheffield in 2016.


Research Interests:

Joe’s research is on glaciers and ice sheets, with specific interests in biological systems and melt-processes on ice. He is an experienced field-worker with over a decade of Arctic expedition experience ranging from exploring new ice-cave systems to extended stays in on-ice camps in Greenland. He is currently leading a range of projects on Arctic science, scientific programming, science communication and outreach alongside his core deliverables and is supported by the Rolex Awards for Enterprise.

Current Research:

Currently, Joe’s main role is s postdoctoral researcher on NERC’s Black and Bloom project, although he is also involved in several other projects ranging from developing new low-cost spectroscopic equipment to delivering innovative science communication. He is a committee member for the UK Polar Network and an editor for the EGU Cryospheric Sciences blog. He regularly updates his personal webpage where more information about his research can be found: tothepoles.wordpress.com


Although he has no formal teaching commitments, Joe lectures on several courses and delivers tutorials at undergraduate to postgraduate levels. He also frequently delivers extracurricular training sessions and seminars at the University of Sheffield and elsewhere.