Our members

Current academic members of the Sheffield Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law include a wide variety of experts and experienced researchers:

Photo of Dr Jay CullenDr Jay Cullen 
Centre Director 

  • Banking Regulation
  • Law and Finance
  • Corporate Governance

Photo of Dr Ting XuDr Ting Xu
Deputy Director

  • Law, governance and development
  • Property law
  • Property and human rights
  • Socio-legal studies
  • Chinese law
  • Comparative law
  • Political economy

Photo of Bojan BugaričProfessor Bojan Bugaric

Profile coming soon...

Photo of Professor Robert Burrell

Professor Robert Burrell

  • Copyright Law
  • Trade Mark Law
  • Nineteenth Century Legal History

Photo of Dr Ding ChenDr Ding Chen

  • Law and development
  • Corporate governance
  • Company law
  • Financial regulation
  • New Institutional Economics

Professor Andrew HindmoorProf Hindmoor

  • Politics
  • Patterns of equality and inequality
  • Banking regulation
  • Financial crisis

Photo of Tsachi Keren-Paz

Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz

  • Private law theory
  • Torts
  • Medical negligence
  • Restitution
  • Economic analysis of law
  • Human trafficking and privacy.

Photo of Professor Andrew Johnston

Professor Andrew Johnston

  • Corporate Governance
  • Law and Economics (Heterodox)
  • Financial Crisis

Photo of Professor Genevieve LeBaronProfessor Genevieve LeBaron

  • Challenges in Researching the Shadow Economy
  • Understanding and Governing Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains
  • From REco
  • very to DIScovery: Opening the Debate on Alternatives to Financialisation

Photo of Dr Yin Harn LeeDr Yin Harn Lee

  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • Information technology
Alberto Montagnoli

Professor Alberto Montagnoli

  • Financial markets and banking
  • Monetary policy and the real economy
  • Behavioural finance and macroeconomics

Photo of Zoe OllerenshawZoe Ollerenshaw

  • Contract law
  • Theories of contract
  • Contracting practice

Female Photo PlaceholderStefanie Pletz

  • Transnational Financial Law
  • Public International Economic Law
  • Global Regulatory Regimes
  • Critical Legal Theory
  • Critical Legal Thinking

Photo of Andreas Ruhmkorf, LektorDr Andreas Rühmkorf

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Company Law and Corporate Governance (European and Comparative)
  • Internet Law (E-Commerce and Privacy)

Photo of Dr Liam StanleyDr Liam Stanley

  • Comparative and international political economy
  • The politics of austerity
  • Fiscal sociology and the politics of tax
  • Everyday narratives of politics, the economy and the state
  • Political analysis and political science methodology

Photo of Tietie (Frank) ZhangDr Frank (Tietie) Zhang

More information about Dr Zhang's research will be available soon.

Dr. Zhong Zhang

Dr Zhong Zhang

  • Company Law and Corporate Governance
  • Chinese Law
  • Law and Economic Development

Our visiting members

Photo of Trevor PughMr Trevor Pugh

Trevor Pugh is a Managing Director and head of Sterling Trading at HSBC.

Professor Kohei Miyamoto

Professor Miyamoto is visitng from Chuo University, Japan.

Professor Jianwen Ji

Professor Jianwen Ji will be visiting from Shandong University, China.

Dr Wenyong Zhang

Associate-professor from Henan University, Kaifeng, China

New Visiting Scholars

We welcome applications from academics, practitioners and anyone who has an interest in corporate and commercial law.

Apply to be a visiting scholar

Our members at Renmin University Law School

Professor Zhu Daqi

  • Economic Law
  • Fiscal and Tax Law
  • Financial Law

Email: zhudaqi@tom.com

Professor Yao Haifang

  • Economic Law
  • Company Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Industrial Law
  • Law and Economics

Email: yaohaifang@sohu.com

Professor Xu Yangguang

  • Economic Law
  • Corporate and Bankruptcy Laws
  • Tax and Financial Law

Email: xuyangguang@126.com