Kate Pahl: Publications


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Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference, podcasts and seminar papers – available on-line

Pahl, K. with Pollard, A and Rafiq, Z. (2011) ‘The Ferham Families Project’. Available as a podcast here.

Pahl, K (2006) Re-inserting Creativity: Instances of practice. Keynote for ESRC funded seminar series: Play, Creativity and Digital Cultures. Available here.

Pahl, K., and Pollard, A. (2006) Narratives of migration and artefacts of identity: new imaginings and new generations. Paper presented at the BERA conference, Warwick, September, now available on-line here as an AHRC working paper

Pahl, K. with Albouezi, K. (2006) Dilemmas of translation and identity: Ethnographic research in multilingual homes. For a BAAL Linguistic Ethnography seminar on Methodological issues in Linguistic Ethnography available on line here.

Pahl, K. (2003) Artifacts, timescales and kinetic design: the semiotic affordances of popular culture in children´s home communicative practices. Keynote paper for the Children´s Literacy and Popular Culture ESRC seminar series. Available on line here.

Pahl. K. (Sept. 2003) Challenging family literacy pedagogy through linguistic ethnography. BAAL 2003 SIG Colloquium: Linguistic Ethnography at the Interface with Education, Leeds 2003. available here.

Non-refereed articles, reports and other publications

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