Teaching and Research Staff

Name Position Email Telephone
Professor Neil Bermel Professor of Russian and Slavonic Studies n.bermel@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7405
Professor Craig Brandist Professor of Cultural Theory and Intellectual History; Head of Russian and Slavonic Studies (Autumn semester 2018/2019) c.s.brandist@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7413
Professor Evgeny Dobrenko Professor of Russian; Head of Russian and Slavonic Studies (Spring semester 2018/2019) e.dobrenko@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7402
Dr Adam Fergus University Teacher (Russian) a.fergus@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7412
Mr Luděk Knittl University Teacher (Czech); Director of Czech and Polish Studies l.knittl@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7409
Dr Joanna Kowalska Polish Lector j.kowalska@shef.ac.uk 0114 222 7404
Ms Liudmila Nedialkova University Teacher (Russian); Erasmus coordinator l.nedialkova@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7403

Postgraduate students



Research Topic

Raphaëlle Auclert rup11rma@sheffield.ac.uk Forging the Enemy in Soviet Fiction and Press. 1945-1985. Political and Cultural Aspects.
Jaroslaw Jozefowski jjjozefowski1@sheffield.ac.uk
An empirical study of the middle voice in Polish
Fadhel Shalal fashalal1@sheffield.ac.uk -ka suffixed words in Russian (completed in 2018)
Julija Sipailaite jsipailaite1@sheffield.ac.uk Orientalism in Post-Soviet Russian Literature

Associated Staff

Name Position Email
Dr Robert Collis Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Nigel Gotteri Honorary Senior Lecturer n.gotteri@sheffield.ac.uk
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