Name Job title Email Telephone
Filip De Ceuster University Tutor for Dutch +44 (0)114 2224908

Dr Anna Geurts

Honorary Research Fellow in Dutch Studies and Director of Association for Low Countries Studies
Dr Lena Hamaidia Tutor for Dutch Translation and Subtitling
Head of Translation and Intercultural Communication Studies +44 (0)114 22 20640
Melissa Hamelink Taalunie Language Assistent
Dr Henriette Louwerse Senior Lecturer, Director of Dutch Studies, Director of the Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies +44 (0)114 2224387
Lotte Ruysschaert Erasmus Language Assistant
Dr Cyd Sturgess Tutor for Dutch Literature
Cedric Vermeire Erasmus Language Assistant
Prof Roel Vismans Professor of Dutch Studies +44 (0)114 22 24919
Dr Jenny Watson Tutor for Dutch Literature and Translation

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