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Dr Justa Hopma

Research Fellow in Global Food Justice

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0114 222 8394
Room: Floor 4, ICOSS
Email: j.hopma@sheffield.ac.uk


Dr. Justa Hopma joined the department in January 2017 and is a Research Fellow in Global Food Justice. She currently investigates the role of civil society in food system change in Chile and Bolivia as part of her first post-doctoral research project. Prior to this, she completed a doctorate in Geography & Politics at the University of Aberystwyth for which she analysed the potential for food system transformation in the Arab region, with a specific focus on Jordan.

Justa’s research focuses on the political economy of food security and food sovereignty and seeks to understand how international food regimes are reproduced. In her doctoral thesis, she used a Gramscian analytical framework to make sense of the role of food and agriculture in the reproduction of a specific political class. In current and future research, she is interested in how transnational class power - in the domain of food and agriculture - is anchored locally and what role cultures of food and eating play in the reproduction of international capitalism. Whilst her doctoral research focused on the Arab region, Justa has recently expanded her focus on global food politics to include the Latin American region.

In addition to her work within the academy, Justa also contributes on a consultative basis to AA International, a small crop assessment agency based in Wales, by giving training in the use of digital pictorial evaluation tools (PET). This work takes place in cooperation with the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO). Using PET, Justa has field experience in the West Bank and northern Uganda.


POL113 'An Introduction to Political Analysis. In 2017-2018 Justa will be teaching the undergraduate module POL113 in which students are introduced to the key concepts and building blocks of political analysis. Previous teaching experience includes modules on: Food & Water Security (post-graduate level), Geography Tutorial, ‘The Age of Propaganda: International Politics & Mass Persuasion in the 20th CE’, and ‘Power and Inequality in the Non-West’ (all undergraduate level).



Justa’s current post-doctoral research forms part of a larger project on Global Food Justice, funded by the Department of Politics and N8 Agrifood. Justa’s part of the project seeks to understand the role civil society actors play in the realisation of food system change. In doing so, the post-doc project seeks to outline how civil society actors in Chile and Bolivia understand food security and food sovereignty and what strategies these actors use to work towards achieving it. Conceptually, the idea of justice takes centre stage within this investigation.

Research interests:

• Discourses and practices of food security / food sovereignty
• Political economy of world agriculture
• Arab region, Latin America

Professional service

Justa has reviewed papers for The Journal Rural of Rural Studies and has contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of Politics and International Relations. She has also been interviewed by World Grain Magazine and contributes to The Conversation.

Dr. Hopma also is a Research Fellow at the Sheffield Institute of International Development (SIID) and a previous recipient of the Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah Award awarded by the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies.


Journal Articles

Hopma, J. (2015). “Planning in the wind”: the failed Jordanian agricultural investments
in Sudan
. Canadian Journal of Development Studies/Revue canadienne d'études du développement, 36(2), 196-207.

Hopma, J. & Woods, M. (2014). Political geographies of ‘food security’ and ‘food
. Geography Compass, 8(11), 773-784.

Recent conference papers

(2017) ‘Food and power: The cultural reproduction of global capitalism in Jordan’s charitable food sector’, Third International Cultural Political Economy conference, Taking Issues In/With Cultural Political Economy: Neoliberalism, Democracy and Crises,
6-8 September 2017, Lancaster University, UK.

Recent invited Papers

April 2017, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ‘Of markets, monocultures and responsibility: the politics of global food’, invited talk at the annual conference of Students for Global Health (formerly MEDSIN).