Dr Kaarina Hollo

Dr. Kaarina Hollo, A.B. magna cum laude (Anthropology, Harvard), A.M. (Celtic Languages & Literatures, Harvard), Ph.D. (Celtic Languages & Literatures, Harvard)

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Room 4.13, Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
Sheffield S3 7RA

Internal extension: 28484
Tel: +44(0)-114-222-8484
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I have been associated with the School of English since September 2004, first as an honorary research fellow and since January 2009 as a Lecturer in Irish.

Prior to coming to Sheffield I was head of the Department of Celtic at the University of Aberdeen, and I have also taught at Harvard University, University College Cork, Queens University Belfast, and Boston College.


My main areas of research include the literary culture of early medieval Ireland, broadly conceived, with a particular interest in the relationship between the reading and interpretation of scriptural texts / liturgy and the composition of prose narrative; early medieval Irish poetry, especially metrical structure; the Ulster Cycle of tales during the Old and Middle Irish periods; representations of female mourning and madness in medieval and early modern Irish texts; and literary translation in the Irish context, from the 18th century to the present. I also translate from Irish into English and vice versa, and won the Times Stephen Spender Prize for Translation in 2012.


I currently teach the modules Introduction to Celtic Languages and Literatures (ELL117) and Introduction to Modern Irish (EGH206). I also teach Irish with Sheffield Gaelach, a community Irish-language group that I helped found in 2011.


Books and Edited Volumes

  • Fled Bricrenn ocus Loinges mac nDuíl Dermait and its place in the Irish literary and oral narrative traditions. Maynooth Medieval Irish Texts II. Series editor: Kim McCone. Maynooth: National University of Ireland, 2005. An edition, study, and translation.
  • Fil súil nglais / a grey eye looks back: A Festschrift in honour of Colm Ó Baoill. Ceann Drochaid, Perthshire: Clann Tuirc, 2007. Edited with Sharon Arbuthnot.
  • Proceedings of Proceedings of the 6th and 7th Harvard Celtic Colloquia. Cambridge, MA, 1990. Edited with Brian Frykenberg

Book Chapters

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