Obituaries and tributes

The University of Sheffield is proud to honour the lives of alumni, former staff and friends of the University. Please follow the links to read the full stories.

Allan Barnes - Alumnus and Former Member of Staff

Dr Eric Bateson - Alumnus

Professor Frank Benson - Alumnus and Former Member of Staff

Dr E.M. Bridges - Alumnus

Gwendolyn Bridges - Friend of the University

Bob Brighton - Friend of the University

Professor David Clifford Brown - Alumnus

Chris Burkhill - Alumnus

Philip Burkinshaw OBE - Alumnus

Dr R. Cox and Mrs Shelagh Cox - Alumnus, legacy donor and friend of the University

Peter William Doughty - Alumnus

Professor John Alastair Duffy - Alumnus

Professor Tom and Joan Flett - Former staff and friends of the University

Dr S. Martin Foggo - Alumnus

Professor Edward 'Teddy' Garden - Former staff

Christopher Goldthorpe - Alumnus

Michael Goode - Alumnus

Angela Goodwill (nee Skeens) - Alumna

David John Henderson - Alumnus

Luke Holland - Alumnus

F. John Houghton - Alumnus

Peter Hurst - Alumnus and legacy donor

Henry Imariagbe Igiehon - Alumnus

John Marshall Jenkins - Former Member of Staff

Brian V Juden – Former Member of Staff

Roy 'Fritz' Koerner - Alumnus

Professor Sir Harry Kroto - Alumnus and friend of the University

Professor John Lakey - Alumnus

Dr Pam Lakey - Alumna

Arthur John Earnest Lello - Alumnus

Dr James Montague Lewis - Alumnus

Dr John Longstaff - Alumnus

Dr Margaret Longstaff - Alumna

Thomas Luke - Alumnus

Pamela Burnip Mann, MBE - Alumna and legacy donor

Peter H Mann – Former Member of Staff

Lucy Mitchell - Former Member of Staff

Professor Raymond Moss - Alumnus

Dr James Muiruri - Alumnus

Peter Murray – Alumnus

Cheryl Newnham - alumna

Emeritus Professor John Nicholson - Former Member of Staff

Mrs Brenda Ogden - Friend of the University

Malcolm Paynter – Alumnus

Dr William 'Stan' Pierpoint - Alumnus

Alan William Postlethwaite - Alumnus

Dr Alfred Graham Raper - Alumnus

Professor John Roach - Former Member of Staff

Keith Robert Roe - Alumnus

Eileen Ryan - Alumna and Former Member of Staff

Mr Ghazi Sabir-Ali - Alumnus

Professor Eric Sainsbury - Alumnus and Former Member of Staff

Professor Geoffrey Sims - Former Vice-Chancellor

Linda J Sinker - Alumna

Dr Neville Vincent Smith - Alumnus

Dr Yves Sojka - Alumnus

Alan Soons - Alumnus

Professor Robert Street - Former Member of Staff

Neophitos 'Nof' Ttofias obituary - Alumnus

Iain Twigg - Alumnus

Dave Wickett - Alumnus

Eric Wilkes - Honorary Graduate and Former Member of Staff

Sir John Crossley Wood - Former Member of Staff

Paul Woods - Alumnus

Robert Worboys - Alumnus

Alan Yates - Alumnus

John Michael Yates - Alumnus

These obituaries and tributes have been submitted by alumni and friends of the University.

If you would like to submit an obituary for an alumnus or former member of staff for inclusion on this webpage please email The University is not responsible for the content of the obituaries and cannot guarantee that all obituaries will be included on this website.